Saturday, May 26, 2007

Windows Vista InfoSec Build

I recently installed Windows Vista Ultimate from scratch on one of my dual boot auditing laptops (Back|track 2 is on the second partition) and thought that I would share the experience for those considering the same endeavor.

I installed most popular infosec tools that I tend to use on a fairly regular basis when I'm on the Win32 platform (not very often). I have also included the status of other complimentary and supplementary software and drivers that I installed:

Amap, Autoruns and Autorunsc, BrutusA2, Burpsuite, Cain & Abel*, clamAV, Fgdump, Fport, Hydra, Ike-scan, Ipscan, John the Ripper, Metasploit Framework 3, Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.1, Nbtscan, Netcat, Nessj, NessusWX, Netstumbler, Ngrep, Ollydbg*, p0f, Paros Proxy, ProcessExplorer, PSTools Suite, Putty, Rainbowcrack, Snort, sguil-client 0.6.1, Spikeproxy, SuperScan4, Tcpview, Nessus 3.0.5 for win32, Wireshark*, Windump, Nmap 4.20, SQLRecon, SQLPing3, Suru, Winhex and Wikto

All of the applications installed fairly painlessly to my surprise.

* Notes that the application in question had to be given Administrator privileges to function correctly in my environment.

Mozilla Firefox with Add-ons (mostly for web application security):

Auto Copy, Fasterfox, Firebug, FireGPG, Header Spy, JSView, Live HTTP Headers, Server Spy, ShowIP, SwitchProxy Tool,
Tamper Data, Torbutton, User Agent Switcher, View Source Chart, Web Developer

Print Drivers:

Epson Color Stylus 900N (Draft printer) Detected and installed driver automagically.

Lexmark Color Laser 530dn (Production printer) Manual driver and configuration required.

Hardware Devices:

Supplementary Hardware:

Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro (Video conferencing) Detected and installed driver automagically.

Canon Powershot A560 (Incident and Physical Security photos) Detected and installed driver automagically.

Infosec Hardware:

Alfa Network AWUS03H 802.11b/g Detected and installed driver automagically.

Ubiquiti SRC PCMCIA 802.11a/b/g Detected and installed driver automagically.

Supplementary tools:

Winpcap 4.0, Stunnel, Sun Java JRE, Eclipse 3.2.2, Skype 3.2, Pidgin 2.0.1, OpenOffice 2.2, OpenVPN, Python 2.5.1, Ruby 1.8.6, Adobe Acrobat Reader 8, Adobe Flash Player 9, VMWare Player 2.0, WinPT, Truecrypt (when I'm not so angry I'll explain why not Bitlocker).

That's in in a nutshell. I'm sure that I'll add more in upcoming days and if its anything worthwhile I will be sure to share.

Until next time...May Your Skill Prevail.

Friday, May 25, 2007


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