Saturday, June 9, 2007

Precedent case for illegal wifi usage

I had to read the article below several times to try and wrap my mind around exactly what was taking place and the ramifications this would have.,2933,276720,00.html

In my opinion a definite gray area in many ways. It seems as if some sort of warning would be available that a breach of policy has occurred or that for enforcement of this law to be conditional that when a proprietor advertises free wireless it include a notification that it is for paying customers only.

On the other hand one shouldn't connect to wireless access points without obtaining permission in advance. In addition, it would seem that a prosecutors office would have more pressing cases to pursue than something like this other than cases that “fall into their lap”. It would seem like enforcement of this law would be analogous to personal assault laws insofar that the victim (the coffee ship in this scenario) would need to press charges against defendant for the case to proceed forward.

What are your thoughts?

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