Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The DC/Maryland Saga Continues

Today we actually made it back in by 2AM after eating dinner at Applebee's while watching the NBA All Star Game and then doing some wardriving of Aberdeen, Maryland (~800 Aps). Joe, evil1, Law and myself all stayed up most of the night hacking away and talking.

Around noon we all had to drag ourselves out of bed to get evil1 to the airport to catch a 4:30pm flight. After dropping him off Lawrence and I had to stop at Starbuck's coffee (Burger King coffee is like kryptonite to Seattle denizens) and note that it appears that we had brought the overcast cloudy and rainy weather with us.

Since we were already in the area and had our wardriving gear with us we decided that some good 'ol AP detection was in order. We were able to get a pretty good haul of ~10,000 AP's after about 3 hours then headed north for the long journey home.

Tomorrow we are planning to drive back down to DC and do the BH DC 2008 Briefings early registration. If all goes well we may drive up to Philadelphia and do some wardriving before it gets too late.

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