Sunday, February 17, 2008

Shmoocon Day Three

After 3 nights of 2-3 hours of sleep and a 1 ½ hour commute both ways everyone was exhausted today. We made the decision to stay at the house and catch up on our rest before we got to a BBQ at Wolf's house. I regret missing the PEAP: Pwned Extensible Authentication Protocol by Josh Wright and Brad Antoniewicz presentation.

As I type this Joe and Lawrence are sitting at the dining room table with laptops with evil1 still in his room sleeping. Overall shmoocon was a blast, the talks were o.k. but the people and side channel conversations we had were excellent.

Will I be going next year? Absolutely!

Shouts out to to CG, Kev, Marco and Steve A. I'll catch those who are going to BH Federal at the briefings next week or at DefCon later in the year. If not see you guys on SILC.


Joshua Wright said...

Sorry your missed our talk re: Pwned Extensible Authentication Protocol. I've posted the slides on my site though,


Anthony Williams said...


I'm also sorry I missed your talk! I've been following your work since I first heard you speak at DefCon 11. Thanks for putting up the slides.

laura said...

1 1/2 hour commute? Ugh. Shmoo and I only live about 20 miles from the hotel and we still get a room every year. Otherwise we just spend too much time going back and forth. Besides, I like to have a place to go nap.

Anthony Williams said...


1 1/2 hours for sure. Unfortunately we didn't have money in the budget to make the trip, attend both Cons and get a hotel so something had to give! :)

One more day and its all over...I hope.