Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shmoocon Day One

Overslept like a bunch of jet lagged bums! Arrived 2 hours late and missed all of the talks getting social with my peers. Met some cool guys: muts from Offensive Security/Back|Track, Aaron Petersen from MRL (Midnight Research Labs) and Rick Farina from AirTight. As is usual for my con experiences hung out with the LSO (LearnSecurityOnline) j0e and Chris and evil1 (mad props for webapp kung fu).


sandro said...

keep sharing =) i hear tomorrow's gonna be some voip related talks ;)

firstlady said...

You are quite right, Rick Farina is cool but he works for Airtight Networks, the industray standard for wireless intrusion prevention solutions. :-)

Anthony Williams said...


You are absolutely correct about my error concerning Rick Farina. I have edited that text. Thank you for pointing it out!

Anthony Williams said...


Unfortunately I missed the VoIP talks. I heard from a reliable source that they were a rehash of the SecurityFocus articles authored by the presenters.

sandro said...

@Anthony Williams
ok sounds like you didn't miss much then =p