Thursday, May 20, 2010

Metasploitable == Virtualbox

Last night I put together a Metasploitable Virtualbox appliance.  It includes the readme.txt provided by the MSF team as well as the .mf file has been deleted (all these manifest files ever do it make it take 5 times longer to import appliances and they fail half of the time).

You can scoop up the appliance at:

MD5: fa7d8304af40e1127dd690ad0159b5dc  metasploitable.tar.gz
SHA1:  1080f8389c1115cbdca1ce6cd5e910d4201e0bc8  metasploitable.tar.gz
RIPEMD160: b0c089861ca727439abc650de7bbb74243aa4b56  metasploitable.tar.gz


1 comment:

Rob said...

Hi I've tried converting metasploitable vmware to virtualbox and keep hitting the same problem about some kernel issue I. would be grateful if you can either upload your image - it doesnt seem to exist - or give me an idea of how you converted it. I tried ovftool and qemu -> .iso -> vBoxManage routes but cant get it to work.

Rob :)