Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RootWars - Day Three

Well, it would appear that we have a winner! Team One was able to obtain root access again and Team Two decided to just stay in a holding pattern until we wrapped things up for the evening. Understandably there was a great deal of frustration coming from Team Two. As time progresses it is my hope that the frustration resides and they can look back on it as a positive learning experience and that after a debriefing next week and an exchange of whitepapers both teams will have learned more about information security on Linux platforms. Among the skills displayed were some custom shell scripts, knowledge of shutting down unnecessary services, examination of backdoor source code as well as traditional talents such port scanning, netcat manipulation, etc.

All in all it was a good learning experience, I'll have to figure out ways in the future to make it different and exciting for disparate skill levels. Until next time.

May Your Skill Prevail.

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