Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rootwars - Day One

Today was the Rootwars kickoff at ITT Tukwila 026.

The Rootwars is running over a 4 hour class period for 3 weeks in succession. This week was getting everyone logged into the bastion host properly, up and running on IRC and working on getting their virtual machine into a more defensible state (it has numerous backdoors, trojans and rootkits installed right out of the box).

The students were all very engaged, I practically had to kick them out of the classroom! For the most part they are making sound security decisions although they should have universally made a more conscious effort to locate the incident response elements of this challenge rather than worrying about network facing services and user accounts quite so much.

I can feel the frustration that stems from stepping out of your comfort zone and launching yourself into the unknown. Its the painful part of growing and expanding your horizons.

All and all it was a smashing success, it practically ran itself which allowed me to make myself more available to answer questions and provide encouragement. Until next time.

May Your Skill Prevail.

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